Sunday, 21 June 2015

how to hack computer using cmd

Hey guys. This is Ankit Hatria. I am wonna going to teach you how to hack a computer using cmd.
Step by Step procedure:-
1. Open command prompt.
2. In the command prompt use the "net view" command.
    Example:- C:\>net view \\
    YOU have to insert correct IP address of the computer you want to hack instead ""
3. After finishing use "net use" command in command prompt .
    Example:- C:\>net use D:\\\F
    Note:- In example, D is the network drive names that are to be created on your computer to access                         remote computer's hard disk. 'F' is the name of remote computer's hard disk's drives that you                       want to hack.
4. After succeeding your computer will give a message that "The command completed successfully".
5. Now open My Computer . You will see a new "Hard Disk drive" (Shared) with the specific name.You
    can open it and access to remote computer's hard drive.


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