Tuesday, 30 June 2015

How to be protected from hacking

The Ten Immutable Laws of Security1 If a bad guy can persuade you to run his program on your computer, it'snot your computer anymore.2 If a bad guy can alter the operating system on your computer, it's not yourcomputer anymore.3 If a bad guy has unrestricted physical access to your computer, it's notyour computer anymore.4 If you allow a bad guy to upload programs to your web site, it's not yourweb site any more.5 Weak passwords trump strong security.6 A machine is only as secure as the administrator is trustworthy.7 Encrypted data is only as secure as the decryption key.8 An out of date virus scanner is only marginally better than no virusscanner at all.9 Absolute anonymity isn't practical, in real life or on the web.10 Technology is not a panacea.

Source - www.ankithatria.blogspot.com

Happy life without any fear of personal information leak.

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